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Website Development Case Study

The Brief

This beauty clinic didn’t have a website before engaging Marketing Implementations Clinic.

Their website needed to help build trust as well as present them as highly professional, competent, experienced and experts in their field. The website also needed to educate their potential customer base about their services. Visitors to the website needed to know that the procedures were safe and  would help them achieve the results they were after.

Our Approach

It became obvious quickly that this website needed visually appealing. A cosmetic clinic is closely related to aesthetics and we therefore went to work designing a website that looked fantastic.

After our ‘Discovery Session’ with 121 Laser Clinic, we also realised that the target audience arrived at the website with either a treatment in mind, or their ‘problem’ in mind. It was therefore important to have the information sorted both ‘by Service’ and ‘by Concern’.

It also became apparent that there was a huge amount of content relating to the amount of treatments that were on offer, as well as the different ‘concerns’ that the treatments dealt with.

The result was a multi-faceted and extensive and great looking website, that used ‘mega menus’ to help present the information in a professional fashion.