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Website Development, LinkedIn & Facebook

The Brief

This candidate-short Recruiting company had an interesting problem – they had plenty of jobs but not enough candidates to fill the jobs.

Also relevant was that they had a database full of potential clients (leads) due to to their impressive in-house use of LinkedIn.

However, they wanted more sales and they thought that digital marketing could help them engage better with their leads, and eventually convert them to customers.

Our Approach

Our approach was to reposition the recruiter from ‘job finders’ to ‘career builders’. The recruitment agency would therefore continually engage with candidates all the time – not just when candidates were looking for a new job.

We implemented a system that tracked a candidate across the whole customer journey. The system automatically flags when a candidate enters job-hunting mode and then prompts the recruiter to make contact.

This is how it was done:

  1. Move the lead list from LinkedIn to a CRM so as to have better control over the information. This was achieved through the creation of high quality ‘gated content’ and the use of LinkedIn adverts. Leads were moved from the LinkedIn environment to the website where they could download the content after entering their email.
  2. To facilitate step 1 above we selected and implemented a suitable CRM with enough marketing power to perform crucial marketing automation tasks including lead tracking and lead scoring.
  3. The next step of the system involved creating content that ‘helped’ candidates at all stages of their career – not just when they were looking for a job.
  4. Finally, we tracked whenever a lead accessed job-finding content, rather than career-building content. These leads were flagged in the CRM as hot leads worthy of a phone call from the sales team.

The Result

“… It’s one thing attending conferences and workshops on digital marketing and it’s another thing implementing. Luke has been awesome in helping us come up with our strategies and ensuring that they are implemented successfully. I can thoroughly recommend Luke’s services.”