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Website & Google Ads Case Study

The Brief

The brief from this travel agent was a clear and simple goal:

“We want a 10% improvement in our lead generation system without spending any more money on marketing.”.

Our Approach

The first step in achieving our shared goal was to re-work the existing lead generation system to ensure that all the following parts were in place:

  1. A set of Google Ad campaigns targetting people searching for information relating to the tours offered by the travel agent.
  2. A website and a set of landing pages that answered some of the visitor’s questions in a creative and entertaining way.
  3. An eBook offer on the landing pages that promised to answer a range of additional questions relating to the tours. The lead would need to enter their email details in order to receive the eBook.
  4. A tracking system that not only tracked form leads but also tracked phone calls that originated from the Google Ads. Details of these leads were automatically inserted into a CRM.
  5. A tracking and reporting system that tracked and reported on all parts of the above system.

The Result

“We have been working with Luke at Marketing Clinic for two years and in that time, with his help and advice, we have significantly improved our rate of return on our advertising investment. In particular Luke understands the concept of direct response marketing enabling us to accurately gauge the effectiveness of our individual promotions especially via Adwords. We’ll continue to work with Marketing Clinic over the next few years as we seek to grow our business via effective and targeted marketing.”

Simon Flower, Flower Travel