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Website, Google Ads & LinkedIn Case Study

The Brief

This client had two distinct businesses:

  1. Exhaust and canopy cleaning for commercial kitchens.
  2. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) for commercial buildings including hospitals, airports and factories.

The brief from the client was simple – get us more clients!

Our Approach

Exhaust & Canopy Cleaning – Commercial Kitchens

In order to have an impact, we had to get inside the head of the typical client. When we did this we found that they typically:

  1. Owned a cafe or restaurant.
  2. Often ignored the need to clean the exhaust system to the point that the clean suddenly became urgent.
  3. Often used a company that did not clean the system properly.

Having understood the state of mind of the client, the solution became clearer since:

  • Search engines will generally be used when the need is urgent.
  • Urgency will also result in more phone calls as opposed to website form fill outs.

We therefore designed and implemented:

  1. A set of Google adverts that appeared in the Google SERP (search engine results page).
  2. A new website that included a set of landing pages that matched the adverts in the Google Ad campaigns.
  3. A phone call recording and tracking system that recorded all phone calls, tracked them back to the triggering campaign and stored all the details in a CRM.

The Result

“We had 100’s of new monthly visitors within 2 months of launching our new website . We repaid our initial investment in the website many times over within the first 3 months. ….”