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Is My ADWORDS Manager Doing A Good Great Job?


A BIG problem for small business owners is working out if their Google ADWORDS account is being managed and developed according to ‘best practice’. The same problem exists for Facebook Advertising. The word ‘Developed’ is a keyword in the previous sentence. An Adwords and Facebook Account should be worked on constantly in an effort to improve performance…

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How to Write A Great Blog Post – A 5 Step Template


This ‘How To’ guide provides you with a template that will: Help you write engaging content, Enable you to write the content quickly. This content can then be used to Improve your SEO results, Help obtain the reader’s contact details, thereby converting the website visitor into a lead, Over time, convert the lead into a paying…

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Would You Recognise SEO Success If You Saw It?


It’s important that you’re able to recognise SEO success when you see it. Central to any successful SEO strategy is a successful content creation strategy, and writing great content is a time-consuming task. Therefore, a successful SEO takes time, and you don’t want to shut down an SEO campaign just as it’s starting to take…

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'Local SEO' Needs To Be A Part Of Your Overall SEO Strategy

Local SEO should be an important part of your overall SEO strategy. It often plays a huge role in increasing website traffic. Your company Google+ page is the hub of your Local SEO strategy and needs to be carefully constructed. It’s important that your business local settings are accurate and complete in order to maximise local listing opportunities.…

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Tech Tool Tip – 'Google Search Console' Is A Winner

Website Development

  It always amazes me to find out that a business owner doesn’t know about the Google Search Console. The Marketing Clinic rates the Google Search Console as the single most important tool when it comes SEO planning and reporting. The Search Console is a tool supplied by Google. You therefore know that the data is 100% accurate. The Search…

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SEO Strategy – Long Tail Keywords

seo strategy

A very powerful SEO strategy we commonly use is to use ‘long tail keywords’. In this case, rather than target a highly competitive keyword like ‘electrician’, we will target a less competitive keyword that includes the original keyword like ‘home electrician Melbourne’. As our success with the keyword ‘electrician Melbourne’ increases, we will be in a much better position to additionally…

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What is SEO?

seo & content marketing

When someone wants a service or product, one of the first places they visit is a Search Engine. They type in their Keywords and study the list that is presented to them in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The potential customer will often call or email one of the companies listed in the SERP…

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What Can I Do To Increase Website Traffic?

website traffic

Marketing Implementation Clinic have a number of services that can help attract new customers to your website. Here are just a few: SEO There are many factors that will determine your SEO success. It can get confusing and it can be very difficult for a business owner to judge the success or failure of a SEO campaign, and an SEO…

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Modern SEO Strategies for 2016

seo strategy

SEO strategies have changed dramatically over the last few years. So, what modern SEO Strategies can you employ for 2016? Google is constantly changing the formula it uses to work out which websites it should return in its search results. Over the last year in particular we have seen three massive changes in the google algorithm…

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Google+ & Google My Business

Google+ is a social media platform with over 60,000 monthly active Australian users. Google+ also acts as a social layer that ties together all of Google’s products, including YouTube, GMail, Google, Google AdWords, Google My Business etc. Google+ includes a segmentation tool called “Circles” which allows you to group stakeholders into different circles. This allows…

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