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Is My ADWORDS Manager Doing A Good Great Job?


A BIG problem for small business owners is working out if their Google ADWORDS account is being managed and developed according to ‘best practice’. The same problem exists for Facebook Advertising. The word ‘Developed’ is a keyword in the previous sentence. An Adwords and Facebook Account should be worked on constantly in an effort to improve performance…

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3 Ways A CRM Can Increase Your Profits

Customer Relationship Management systems have been around a long time and the benefits of having all your customer information organised and readily available are obvious. So too are the benefits of streamlining and tracking your internal workflows, including the setup of tasks and task notifications. However, the recent arrival affordable Marketing Automation functionality is a game-changer…

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How to Write A Great Blog Post – A 5 Step Template


This ‘How To’ guide provides you with a template that will: Help you write engaging content, Enable you to write the content quickly. This content can then be used to Improve your SEO results, Help obtain the reader’s contact details, thereby converting the website visitor into a lead, Over time, convert the lead into a paying…

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Would You Recognise SEO Success If You Saw It?


It’s important that you’re able to recognise SEO success when you see it. Central to any successful SEO strategy is a successful content creation strategy, and writing great content is a time-consuming task. Therefore, a successful SEO takes time, and you don’t want to shut down an SEO campaign just as it’s starting to take…

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Case Study – How Video Turbo Charged These SEO Results


Marketing Implementation Clinic was assigned an SEO account in January 2017 and the results were impressive: As you can see, these guys started with just 30 visitors from the Google Search Engine Results Page back in January. Keep in mind that they started from ground zero and their initial SEO investment was relatively small. So how…

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What Are 'On-Page' SEO Services?

On-Page SEO Vs Off-Page SEO On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of publishing and optimising content on your website in order to increase the chances of Google listing your website in the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for keywords relevant to your business. In comparison, Off-Page SEO is the process of publishing…

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Why Would I Lead Score My Website Visitors?

Marketing Implementation Clinic offers a range of services relating to the gathering and analysis of lead behaviour in order to assess where a lead is positioned within the sales lifecycle. By ‘Lead Scoring’ your leads and customers, you’re able to compile information on their behaviour across different channels, which can in turn trigger automated sequences of emails, advertising campaigns, or…

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Marketing Automation – It's Time to Make Money

Create Amazing website (done) Build List Of Leads (done) Now what…..? ……. Well, now it’s time to see exactly who on that list is in the BUY ZONE. 95% of people who visit your website are not in the BUY ZONE. They are window shopping or trying to educate themselves. So imagine receiving an email…

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What Can I Do To Increase Website Traffic?

website traffic

Marketing Implementation Clinic have a number of services that can help attract new customers to your website. Here are just a few: SEO There are many factors that will determine your SEO success. It can get confusing and it can be very difficult for a business owner to judge the success or failure of a SEO campaign, and an SEO…

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What Does Lead Conversion mean?

A good ‘Lead Conversion’ mechanism will subtly encourage a website visitor to provide their contact details via your website. Once you have their email, you can more easily convert them into paying customers. Lead Conversion is, therefore, an essential part of increasing your revenue and growing your company. Marketing Clinic is an expert in Lead Conversion mechanisms and strategies. Your website will be…

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