Workshop – What’s My Primary Website Message?

The first step to online marketing success is to clarify your message. You want to work out exactly who you want to talk to, and what you want to say to them.

Our ‘Primary Website Message’ workshops do exactly that. They typically last from 2 hours to 5 hours and are included in most of our marketing packages.

Your Primary Website Message – Simplicity -> Clarity -> Action

A successful digital marketing strategy requires that you think about your business in a slightly different way to what you may have done in the past.

Your goal is to build trust with potential customers over time. The on-line contact you have with these potential customers is often fleeting and can happen over weeks and months.

It’s therefore important that your communication with the potential customer:

  • is precise and to the point,
  • follows on from the last message they received from you.

In order to do this, you need to be very clear about the WHYWHAT, & WHO of your business. The following 4 step plan outlines this in more detail:

STEP 1 -Why are you running a business?

Why are you running a business? What problems are you solving for your customers, and why are those problems are so important to your customers.

We’ll look at this from your customer’s perspective as well as yours.

Most companies would have already put a lot of thought into this, however, it’s important to have it documented before we start designing an online marketing strategy.

STEP 2 – What Products & Services Do You Offer?

You’ll need to list all the products and services you offer and then identify those that have the most impact on your customer. You’ll also take note of which products and services generate the most profit for you, as well as those that generate the most referrals.

This part of the process is mostly being clear about the VALUE you provide to your customer.

We’ll discuss how you may be able to re-work some of your services and products in order to build a value ladder.

STEP 3 – Who Do You Want To Talk To?

It’s very important that you have absolute clarity about the identity of your target audience. The more precise you are, the more relevant you can be with your messaging and the greater chance that your message will resonate.

One way to identify your target audience is to ask “Who stands to benefit most from my products and services?”.

The clearer you are about who you are talking to, the more you can understand their problems. A potential customer will respond better if you can describe their problem in detail before you start offering solutions.

We’ll describe them in great detail including:

  • their biggest problem,
  • how they buy,
  • the best way to communicate with them,
  • where they hang out online.

Step 4 – Design Your Content Marketing Plan

Now we’re getting into the nuts and bolts of the strategy.

Using all the information above, we’ll design a content marketing plan. This could include:

  • the next 6 months of website posts,
  • the baseline for the next 6 months of Twitter posts,
  • the baseline for the next 6 months of Facebook posts,
  • the baseline for the next 6 months of Google+ posts,
  • the baseline for the next 6 months of LinkedIn posts,
  • your ‘Lead Magnets’ which are used to capture you website visitors’ details.

This Content Marketing Plan is the key to your success. It’s the centre point of your online strategy and will be the heart of your:

  • SEO strategy
  • Facebook advertising strategy
  • Google Adwords advertising strategy
  • Organic Social Media Marketing strategy

Luke Hamilton, Marketing Implementation Clinic

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