Service – PPC Advertising
(Adwords, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn)

You've developed your website and it's looking great.

You're sales team are now cold calling potential leads and hitting the road trying to turn leads into customers.

However, you're wondering if there is a better way.

Well, we're happy to inform you that there are many better ways of generating leads and customers. They include:

  1. Google SERP Advertising,
  2. Google Display Network Advertising,
  3. Google Remarketing,
  4. Facebook Advertising,
  5. Facebook Remarketing,
  6. LinkedIn Advertising

Another common strategy is to use SEO and Content Marketing. SEO is a wonderful way of generating leads and customers. However, a modern SEO strategy relies heavily on content creation and that can take a relatively long time to implement, and deliver a return on investment.

Online Advertising is unique in that you can start making money almost immediately.

The other benefits of online advertising include:

  1. Precision Targeting - Google, Facebook and LinkedIn collect a wealth of information on the people who use their services. ALL of this information is made available to advertisers, so that you are easily able to engage with your target audience.
  2. Detailed Reporting & Tracking - This is a key feature of online advertising that is often overlooked. It's essential that you measure Return On Investment and Google ensure that you can. Google will not only track and report on every advert click, it will also track every phone call originating from the advert. This feature is called 'Call Tracking', and it continues to track a lead after they click through to the website. In this case the phone number on the website dynamically changes to a Google number so that it can be tracked. Amazing!

Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube, and LinkedIn all provide an opportunity for targeted cost efficient advertising campaigns.

The benefits for small business are obvious. You are able to set up online advertising campaigns on small budgets. You can then measure Return On Investment to justify expanding the budget.

The online advertising landscape is changing rapidly, with new services and technologies emerging every few months. This often opens up enormous opportunities as under-utilised advertising services are forced to reduce prices.

If you want to expand your network and customer base quickly then consider online advertising.


The PPC game has changed - You can no longer SET & FORGET.

Instead, you must constantly optimise your account, always looking for new opportunities and avoiding new obstacles.

This optimisation needs to take place at the very least weekly. At best it will be happening hourly through automated scripts and tools.

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