PPC Advertising Service

We specialise in supplying marketing and website development packages to small business.

Our marketing packages are designed to deliver a measurable ROI.

You’ve developed your website and it’s looking great. Your sales team are now cold calling potential leads and hitting the road trying to turn leads into customers.

However, have you ever wondered if there is a better way? At the very least, can you help your sales time hit their targets by supplying them with quality leads?

Happily, there are MANY more ways of generating leads and customers. And more and more small business operators are finding that these ‘digital’ methods are more effective and profitable than traditional methods.

In particular, small business operators are turning to PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising to grow their customer base and generate more profit.

Advertising options include:

  1. Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Advertising,
  2. Google Display Network Advertising (i.e advertising on other websites),
  3. Google Remarketing,
  4. Facebook Advertising,
  5. Facebook Remarketing,
  6. LinkedIn Advertising,
  7. YouTube advertising

The list and opportunities go on and on.

Online Advertising is unique in that you can start making money almost immediately. This is in contrast to an SEO strategy which can take months before Google will organicaly list you on their Search Engine Results Page.

The other benefits of online advertising include:

  1. Precision Targeting – Google, Facebook and LinkedIn collect a wealth of information on the people who use their services. ALL of this information is made available to advertisers so that you are easily able to target a relevant audience.
  2. Detailed Reporting & Tracking – This is a key feature of online advertising that is often overlooked. It’s essential that you measure Return On Investment and Google ensure that you can. Our advanced reporting system tracks every lead and customer from click through to purchase. This includes our call tracking and recording system which is essential in measuring your Return On Investment.

Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube, and LinkedIn all provide an opportunity to implement profitable advertising campaigns.

The online advertising landscape is changing rapidly, with new services and technologies emerging every few months. This often opens up enormous opportunities as under-utilised advertising services result in lower charges.

If you want to expand your network and customer base quickly then talk with us about online advertising.


Beware of the marketing agency that sets up your Google advertising account and then leaves it for weeks or even months.

Your Adwords account requires constant work. At the least, this optimisation should take place twice weekly. At best it will be happening hourly through automated scripts and tools.