The Brief

Ok, you've no doubt worked it out - we are both the client and the developer in this case.

However, we think it's important to mention our own marketing system as we love it, and we want you to know that we can develop a similar website and marketing system for you. We already had a great network of 'offline' referrers that generate leads for us. The end result was that potential leads and customers were regularly visiting our website. The primary requirement was therefore to build a cracking website that:

  • Presented Marketing Clinic as a cutting edge company, and an expert in our field,
  • Explained the benefits of investing in an online marketing system, and how such a system can generate leads, customers and revenue,
  • Help educate our visitors, leads and customers on these benefits,
  • Continued to engage with visitors and leads in the weeks and months after they first visited out website, thereby building trust over time.

Our Apprach


An online marketing system can be complicated. Explainer videos are therefore a perfect way to engage with our customer base. We have video all over our website including:

  • A 'Pop Up' feature video on our front page,
  • Inline videos at the bottom of the front page performing various tasks,
  • More 'Pop Up' videos in the FAQ area
  • 'Down The Barrel' inline videos at the top of tasks in which someone is reading out the contents of the post. This helps with SEO, makes the website more personable, as well as making it easy for visitors to absorb the content.

Design & Content:

The Marketing Implementation website is a classic 'Education' based website. Our content marketing strategy is relatively easy as we have plenty to talk about in the world of online marketing. The job of the website is to help people understand how they can benefit from an online marketing system.

As well as the 'Education' section of the website we have the section you are reading right now. This section is essentially a 'Case Study' section which is designed to help people understand how other people have used our services, and how they may also benefit.


In order to continue the conversation we use adverts to 'follow' people around on the internet so that we can keep front of mind. These adverts appear on most major websites around Australia including  The Sun and The Age. This form is advertising is amazingly effective and cheap. We recommend that all our customers do it.