The Brief

Clean Air Filtration clean air ducts for commercial customers across Melbourne and Australia. They also clean commercial kitchen exhaust ducts, as well as commercial kitchen canopies.

They are Melbourne's duct cleaning experts, and boast some of Australia's biggest companies as their loyal customers including Woolworths, Visy, Cabrini Hospital and McDonalds restaurants.

The brief from this commercial cleaning company was simple - "We want to grow our company through the Google Search Engine. We want to list highly for relevant key words, and then when visitors click through to our website, we want to present as an expert so they are compelled to pick up the phone and call us."

Our Approach

The focus of this marketing strategy was SEO.

We therefore got to work identifying the keywords to target. In this case the relevant keywords included  "Duct Cleaning Melbourne" and "Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning".

The next step of the process was to develop the website and content marketing strategy to focus on the target keywords. Content creation is difficult in industries like this as the subject matter is dry. We therefore make sure we 're-purpose' content by creating a matching video for every piece of written content.

We're achieving amazing SEO results creating video versions of website text pages. Google loves video and if your competition isn't using video then you really stand out from Google's perspective. The added advantage of this is that the videos can go straight onto the company YouTube channel, thereby creating an even bigger online profile to impress both Google and your potential customers.

The same video can also be very easily posted on Facebook and Google+, increasing your online profile even further.

We also take any opportunity to back-link to their website whenever possible. In fact, the more observant of you will notice that we are back-linking to their website on this page. We don't mind passing around some of our powerful 'Google Juice' to our friends. We're that kind of company.

The Result

All the target keywords are moving up the Google Search Engine week by week. "Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning" is well and truly on page 1 and is generating leads and customers.

The big keyword in this industry is "Duct Cleaning Melbourne" and this is a little harder to move. We've had to create more and more content to keep it at the top of the list.

Interestingly, we observed that the competition for "Duct Cleaning Melbourne" was much less on mobile devices. Early on, we therefore optimised the website for mobile and Clean Air Filtration raced to the top of Page 1 on these devices.