HVAC Cleaner | Kitchen Canopy Cleaner


Clean Air Filtration clean air ducts and HVAC systems for commercial customers across Melbourne and Australia.

They also clean commercial kitchen exhaust ducts, as well as commercial kitchen canopies. In addition, they offer a Filter-Exchange service to a large network of cafes and restaurants.

Clean Air Filtration has some of Australia’s biggest companies as their loyal customers including Woolworths, Visy, Cabrini Hospital and McDonald’s restaurants.

The company was already very busy with many jobs scheduled per day. They use a scheduling platform called ServiceM8 which does a great job of helping them send and monitor new quotes to leads as well as schedule jobs for clients.

The challenge was to grow the company further by introducing a steady stream of new clients.

Strategic Approach

We noted the following relevant business features that translate to great marketing opportunities:

(1) There is often an urgent need for the ‘Restaurant Canopy Cleaning‘ service as restaurant managers discover they are not compliant and are at risk of fines. As a result, managers will use a Search Engine to find a suitable canopy cleaning company.

(2) Clean Air Filtration has an impressive list of big clients that use their services. This list would be perfect for building authority amongst prospects and leads.

(3) The ServiceM8 platform is great for keeping track of quotes and scheduling jobs. However, the platform does not have marketing functionality and the information in its database is not accessible. A decision was made to synchronise and integrate the ServiceM8 platform with the SalesStream marketing platform.

(4) A ServiceM8 integration also enabled the marketing team to access:

  1. The quoted price of a job.
  2. The status of a job as it moved to ‘completed’ thus signifying actual Revenue has been generated.

This information was critical in calculating ROI (Return on Investment) for marketing spend. As a result, we were able to prove an ROI of above 6X which gave Clean Air Filtration the confidence to invest more money in their marketing and scale up.

In addition, our advanced automated tracking system was able to distinguish between the following Categories: 

  • Category 1 – marketing campaigns that generated leads but not clients
  • Category 2 – marketing campaigns that generated neither leads nor clients
  • Category 3 – marketing campaigns that generated clients

This information allowed us to optimise the marketing system further and scale up only those campaigns that produce clients.

It also provided information that helped the sales team convert more leads into clients in Category 1 above. 

(5) Many Clean Air Filtration clients use the Filter-Exchange program but do not use the more profitable Canopy Cleaning service. There is therefore an opportunity to cross-promote the Canopy Cleaning service to the Filter Exchange clients.

(6) The two main cleaning services offered are required periodically – at least every 12 months and often every 6 months. Revenue could be improved by tagging these clients and calling them when cleaning is due. In addition, the clients could automatically enter non-intrusive automated email nurturing sequences and online advertising campaigns that remind them of the dangers of not cleaning regularly.


Marketing Clinic implemented the following solution:

(1) A set of Google Search advertising campaigns were implemented to access those people in urgent need of the Canopy Cleaning service. We also implemented a phone tracking system to detect the performance of the Google Ads campaigns. Phone calls generated from the adverts formed part of a feedback loop to Google’s AI system so that similar leads could be found.

(2) Marketing Clinic re-designed, coded and launched a new website with a particular focus on presentation of the impressive list of clients that have used Clean Air Filtration. We also re-designed their logo which was in urgent need of an upgrade. A blog section was included and a content marketing plan developed in order to improve SEO and Local Search. A set of Landing Pages were designed to service the Google adverts and improve conversion rates.

(3) An automated and synchronised channel was set up between ServiceM8 and SalesStream so that jobs scheduled in ServiceM8 were auto-generated in SalesStream. SalesStream was then used to:

  • Generate Google Reviews  – an automated email and sms system sent a series of messages that ask clients for reviews after a job has been completed. 
  • Email Nurture Sequence for overdue clients – Clients were time-stamped after every job. If they then did not complete an additional job within a set time period they were added to an email nurture sequence in which an email is sent to them bi-weekly reminding them of the dangers of not cleaning their kitchen exhausts.
  • Email Nurture Sequence for Filter Exchange – The system automatically detects clients that are using the Filter-Exchange service but not the Canopy-Cleaning service. The client then joins an email nurturing sequence that sends out an email bi-weekly that reminds the client of the expertise and experience of Clean Air Filtration in the area of Canopy Cleaning.
  • Email Nurture Sequence for Leads that aren’t yet clients – We were able to increase lead-to-client conversion rates by 100% by implementing this nurture sequence. The simple explanation for this level of success is that a significant number of leads intended to use Clean Air Filtration after receiving a quote but got distracted and forgot to push the ‘go’ button. A non-intrusive series of informative emails was all they needed to get back on track and order the service.

(4) The marketing team developed a series of real-time reports using GA4 and Looker Studio that sliced and diced all the available information and displayed clearly the marketing ROI. This enabled the client to scale up with confidence as they could clearly see they had a reliable and repeatable system supporting them.


Results have been spectacular with:

  • Huge increases in Google 5-star reviews every month.
  • Significant improvements in Local Search results and phone calls as a result of increased Google Reviews.
  • 100% increase in Lead-to-Client conversion rates from Lead email nurture sequence.
  • An average of 6X Return on Investment every month.
  • Provides confidence to the client as they can clearly see they have a reliable and repeatable system supporting their decision to scale up their business.