Digital Marketing Solutions

Optimised To Maximise PROFITS

Using PPC, SEO, & Your Website


(Valued At $800)

An in-depth analysis of your Facebook & ADWORDS Accounts, SEO strategy & your Website.

(Don't have a marketing system to audit? Fill in the form & we'll design a MONEY MAKING solution for you - FREE)

You need a professional PPC agency (Facebook & ADWORDS) that will treat your account as if it were there own. It's time to switch agencies if they're not doing any of the following:

Digital Marketing Profits


WHAT'S INVOLVED: Track Phone Leads as well as Web Form Leads. Too many agencies only track Web Form Leads leaving you with an incomplete picture.

BENEFITS TO YOU: You'll know which campaigns are generating phone calls & therefore REVENUE. You'll have a complete picture of your ROI.


WHAT'S INVOLVED: Use automation to push Lead details into your CRM, including the ADWORDS and Facebook advertising campaigns that generated the lead. Track Leads as they become Customers.

BENEFITS TO YOU: Improve ROI by spending more money on Customer generating campaigns rather than Lead generating campaigns.


WHAT'S INVOLVED: Many agencies limit their activity to advert creation and management. They completely ignore half of their job - the landing page that the prospect is sent to after clicking your advert.

BENEFITS TO YOU: Massively increase your Return On Investment by designing and A/B testing well designed and targeted Landing Pages.


WHAT'S INVOLVED: It's mind-boggling how many opportunities exist to improve the performance of a Facebook or ADWORDS campaign. Safe to say that optimisation should be happening on a weekly basis. 

BENEFITS TO YOU: Optimised accounts SAVE you big MONEY, as well as consistently identifying opportunities to MAKE MONEY.

Some people call us NERDS due to our strong belief that decision making should be based on data, rather than intuition or guesswork.

There's no denying it. We Love Data-Driven Solutions!!

However, there's no need to be alarmed. We also understand that CUTTING-EDGE DESIGN and other CREATIVE endeavours are equally important. You'll be glad to know that we've got the CREATIVE side covered as well.

The Marketing Clinic has affordable “Website Only” packages that enable small business to implement a marketing focused website. You can expand the system when and if your budget allows. There’s no pressure.

Alternatively, if you have a website you’re happy with, speak with us about implementing an ‘SEO’ package or an ‘Online Advertising’ package. We’ll custom design a solution around your needs.


We're getting our best results working with the following  company profiles:

'Small' Business

With marketing budgets of less than $15k per year

1st-year online marketing budgets of less than $15k inclusive of website development.


Step-by-step solutions to meet any budget

Your budget dictates that you must advance one step at a time. You require ROI at each step.


Start-ups who want to get it right the first time

Start-ups who want to make sure they are getting right the first time around.


The heart & soul of your company is online

There's no better place to automate than an Ecommerce company. Everything can be tracked & improved.


Our DIY platform is a game changer

Easy to use Drag 'N Drop & support when you need it.

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We are active members of leading development communities, and we regularly benchmark our systems against world's best practice.


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