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Our ‘DAM RIGHT’ system is both a Lead-Generator and a Deal-Closer. 

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Fast-track through the DAM RIGHT process starting with a $600 marketing audit health check. The cost of the audit is deductible from the DAM RIGHT package purchase if you proceed with the DAM RIGHT package implementation.

3x ROI

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This result was recently achieved for a client using the DAM RIGHT process. Book a meeting so that we can work out if the same simple strategy can be used for your company.

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Is your website holding you back?

Your website is key to growing your business and is the foundation of our ‘DAM RIGHT’ marketing system.

We’ll look at your website as part of the ‘RIGHT message’ step of our DAM RIGHT process.

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” I see many businesses failing due to a website that is outdated, hard to navigate, and simply does not generate new business effectively.

Let’s meet up and work out if your website is a winner. “

Luke Hamilton, CEO, Marketing Clinic

Nerd alert!

Our strategy is based on making decisions using actual data rather than guesswork. Transparency is key to our philosophy. See our top frequently asked questions and learn more about how we approach digital marketing.

There are 2 costs associated with running a PPC campaign:

  1. The money you pay Google or Facebook to run your adverts,
  2. The money you pay your marketing agency to manage your PPC campaigns.

As we work through your customised Growth Plan, we’ll run through the PPC costs associated with your DAM RIGHT package.

Yes, absolutely! We build beautiful websites and we’d love to build one for you.

A website build usually forms part of our DAM RIGHT package. 

However, if you want to implement the package in 2 phases we can implement the website and when you are ready, implement the marketing functionality at a later date.

We’ll link your CRM to the marketing system. We’ll then match up the clicks, and website phone calls to actual clients in the CRM & we’ll extract revenue figures once leads turn into clients.

This comprehensive tracking & reporting system enables us to produce real-time ROI reporting.

Therefore, success is the measure of your monthly ROI figure. Our goal is to keep this above 3X.


When scaling your marketing system the ‘devil is in the detail’ and scaling is easy if you store the right information in your CRM.

We run reports to answer questions like – “Which marketing campaigns have produced the best return on investment over the last 6 weeks?”

This report, and others like it, quickly show which campaigns should scale up, and which campaigns should wind back or close down.

The simple answer is to aim for 3X ROI to start with.

However, achieving a much higher Return On Investment is not unusual.

For example, we recently achieved a 13X ROI for one client.

We can implement SEO as an extension of the DAM RIGHT package.

Our SEO strategies rely on content creation, and publishing content in such a way as to maximise your organic listing.

We implement PPC advertising as an integral part of the  DAM RIGHT package.

However, we always try to be as flexible as possible. We can therefore implement the DAM RIGH process in a staged fashion with a particular emphasis on PPC.

Book a 15-minute meeting so we can understand your unique requirements.

There’s a tremendous amount of work and resources that goes into:

  • finding your target audience,
  • presenting a relevant message to them.

In order to achieve this, you’ll most likely pay companies like Google and Facebook for their information and services.

However, you want to be as self sufficient as possible. Facebook and Google change their algorithms and the rules of engagement weekly.

Therefore, the only sensible strategy is to stop relying on these companies as soon as you can. And the best way to do this is to store lead and client information into your CRM as soon as you can.

Once you have lead information in your CRM you can nurture and help your leads independently companies like Google and Facebook. You then hold the power and your marketing expenses are dramatically reduced.

The other reason that CRM’s are important is because of the Lead to Client conversion process.

For many companies a lead may take weeks and months before they become a client. Many companies use a CRM to control this process and to make sure leads don’t fall between the cracks. The Sales Team use the CRM to record lead progress as they move from ‘Lead Validation’ to ‘Lead Qualification’ to ‘Opportunity’ to ‘Proposal Sent’ to ‘Proposal Signed’ and onto a client. 

The CRM also plays a critical role in encouraging past clients to re-purchase or in educating them in how a different product or service can solve another one of their problems.

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We're not just a pretty interface!

We’re a group of dedicated digital marketing specialists that help people like you grow your business. 


Our DAM RIGHT process is tried and tested and has delivered successful outcomes for a range of clients working in a variety of markets.


We implement highly effective automated CRM based marketing strategies. SalesStream (our CRM) comes FREE for 6 months with the DAM RIGHT package.

ServiceM8 Partner

Marketing Clinic is a qualified ServiceM8 partner. if you supply services in the field, we'll automate your operations to ensure your team is working at peak performance.


Our talented creative team is a healthy mix of business pragmatism and creative genius. This has proven to be the perfect recipe for the development of digital marketing assets.


We love tech & embrace the detail so you don't have to. We track everything to report on ROI. We LOVE AI & we love systems, we use these to deliver the DAM RIGHT package.

Clarity & Control Over Your Sales & Marketing

We’re Lead-Generation specialists with a focus on tracking, measuring and analysing data. This is good news for you because:

  1. We’re able to work out exactly what’s working with your marketing and what’s not.
  2. We’re always optimising, growing & improving your marketing system.
  3. Our reporting is clear & concise which keeps you in control and involved in decision-making. 

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