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Get more bucks for your bang!

Our DAM RIGHT process will deliver you a digital marketing system that generates more leads that turn into clients.

A very happy client!

This result was recently achieved for a client using the DAM RIGHT process. Book a meeting so that we can work out if the same simple strategy can be used for your company.

Find, win & keep clients with our 'DAM RIGHT' process

Our proven Digital Advertising & Marketing (DAM) RIGHT process guides prospects through the complete customer journey. Your new clients seamlessly transition from an unknown to a paying customer. It’s both a Lead-Generator and a Deal-Closer. It is uncomplicated and it works.
RIGHT direction

Audit your existing marketing initiatives, set measurable goals, & track & report on those goals to ensure they’re realised.

RIGHT message

Create a clear message that encapsulates your customer’s problem and your solution. Repeat message through website, eBook & other marketing material.

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RIGHT person

Target your ideal clients using Google, Facebook & LinkedIn. Track them and assess their readiness to buy.

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RIGHT time

Implement an automated sales funnel that keeps you connected to potential clients & auto-sells when they are ready to buy. 

Is your website holding you back?

We’ll look at your website as part of the ‘RIGHT message’ step of our DAM RIGHT process.

You can learn more about the ‘RIGHT message’ step by checking out this summary

Alternatively, hit the ‘Schedule a meeting’ button below and we’ll arrange a phone meeting.

” Your website is key to growing your business and is the foundation of our ‘DAM RIGHT’ marketing system.

I see many businesses failing due to a website that is outdated, hard to navigate, and simply does not generate new business effectively.

Let’s meet up and work out if your website is a winner. “

Luke Hamilton, CEO, Marketing Clinic

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RIGHT direction

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RIGHT person

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What our clients are saying

Nerd alert!

Our strategy is based on making decisions using actual data rather than guesswork. Transparency is key to our philosophy. See our top frequently asked questions and learn more about how we approach digital marketing.

There are 2 costs associated with running a PPC campaign:

  1. The money you pay Google or Facebook to run your adverts,
  2. The money you pay your marketing agency to manage your PPC campaigns.

Your total cost is the sum of these costs.

In answering this question you must first answer the following 2 questions:

  1. Are your potential clients using Facebook?
  2. Does your budget allow you to implement both an ADWORDS & Facebook advertising system?

If your answer to question (1) above is YES, and (2) is NO, then you have a decision to make.

Hit the 'Read more' button below in order to see the decision tree we follow in deciding between Facebook and Google ADWORDS.

Yes, absolutely! We build beautiful websites and we'd love to talk about it with you.

If you choose our 'website-only' package it will enable us to plug in your marketing at a later date.

The simple answer is to aim for 3X ROI to start with.

However, it's not unusual to achieve a much higher Return On Investment.

For example, in the month of May 2018, we achieved a 13X ROI for one client.

The next month in June we achieved a Return On Investment of more than 14X ROI for a different client.

Yes, absolutely!

Our SEO strategies rely on content creation, re-purposing content, and publishing content in such a way as to maximise your organic listing.

We'll also pursue a cutting edge back-linking and citation strategy.

Yes, absolutely!

We build PPC campaigns of any size.

Our PPC campaigns are focused on generating profits, not just visits, clicks or leads.

We're not just a pretty interface!

Here are 4 excellent reasons to work with us:


We have a proven track record in a range of services including Website Development, PPC and SEO. Uniquely, we work with all small business sizes including 'very small' business.


Our technical expertise is our strength. We track the latest developments in digital technology to deliver our clients a competitive advantage that makes the difference.


Our DAM RIGHT process is tried and tested and has delivered successful outcomes for a range of clients working in a variety of markets.


Our talented creative team is a healthy mix of business pragmatism and creative genius. This has proven to be the perfect recipe for the development of digital marketing assets.

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