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If you're ready to scale up your business then it's time we spoke.

Do you want to grow your business with more clients, more staff, & more revenue?  Then let’s talk. Marketing Clinic’s exciting new relationship with ServiceM8 extends our service offerings from marketing through to operations. We are your one-stop-shop for business optimisation & efficiency.

Case Study:

Generate more leads & revenue

Use best-practice marketing strategies to generate new leads and revenue. Keep your existing team of field technicians busy or scale up to increase revenue and profits.

Streamline scheduling & field operations

Schedule jobs, track progress in the field, track staff location in real-time, and provide field staff with digital checklists so that everyone is accountable.

ServiceM8/marketing integration

Set up your ServiceM8 scheduling and job/staff management system. Then integrate the ServiceM8 platform with your new marketing system to get a full 360-degree view and control of your business.


Yes, you can. We can get to work on your website or start adding marketing modules as needed.

After that, we can add ServiceM8 if or when needed.

The marketing platform we use is SalesStream. SalesStream is a fully-fledged CRM and marketing system and includes the following value-adding functionality:

  • Advanced Google Reviews – A fully featured system that auto-emails and texts clients who have just used your service.
  • Task management – Ensure no leads fall between the cracks and engage with leads via text and email as they move from lead to client.
  • Automation – Use email sequences to re-engage past clients and generate more revenue

To access this functionality, SalesStream needs to get access to the client and job information contained within ServiceM8. The marketing clinic integration integrates and synchs the two platforms in real-time.

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