Marketing for Travel Services

Travel marketing is partly an exercise in asset management.

Travel agency marketing is simple in concept but more complex to implement. You’re required to present large collections of images, videos, eBooks, and special offers to the prospect via email and your website. This requires a system that is well organised.

Case Study:

Image & video management

Images & Videos are a crucial part of travel marketing. People like to see images of the hotels they are staying in, and the places they are visiting. Images and video must be managed efficiently as large file numbers and file sizes can get out of control quickly.

Limited time offers and promos

Both your website and email marketing system need to be powerful enough to make impactful offers and flexible enough to keep those different offers flowing.

Past client re-engagement

Many people travel at least once a year. You can expect past clients to re-book and you therefore require a CRM and automated email system to onboard clients, help them through their journey, and re-engage with them a year or two after the journey is complete.


A prebuilt website is amazing value with significant functionality built into the website to service your marketing needs.

However, if you are a company that has specific needs or if you have invested in digital assets (including photography and video) the Website deluxe website will be more appropriate. The Website Deluxe website is a custom built website that provides for your unique requirements.

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