SalesStream marketing & AI platform


SalesStream marketing & AI platform

The Ultimate all-in-one sales, marketing, AI, & business automation platform

SalesStream is a full-featured lead & client generation platform with cutting-edge functionality that will get your phone ringing. and your business systems optimised. With implementation & support from Marketing Clinic, you’ll have all the tools you need to generate more revenue and scale your business.

Fully featured email and sms CRM. Tasks, notes and appointments . All communication tracked & recorded.

AI chatbots & website chat

The future has arrived. Engage with website visitors like never before. Increase lead conversion & revenue with a sales assistant that never sleeps.

Email nurturing

Send automated email sequences. Reach new leads, re-engage past clients, and retain & nurture existing clients.

SMS (text) marketing

SMS functionality is built into the system. Using SMS messaging as well as email marketing double the chances of your success.

Sales pipelines

Visual 'drag-and-drop' pipeline workflows that match your sales process and stop leads falling between the cracks.

Calendar bookings

Allow clients to book appointments, 2-way sync with Google calendar, & easily create ZOOM meetings.

Advanced google reviews

Rank higher, and increase your authority with more 5-star Google reviews. Powerful automated Google request emailing and SMS system that has to be seen to be believed.

Start your Business Transformation

Our audit will identify all your marketing assets of value as well as identify those that are delivering a return or can be re-deployed to deliver a return.
A detailed digital marketing plan that utilises existing assets, and identifies the low hanging fruit so that you get your return on investment quickly
The client journey can take place on your website, on 3rd party platforms like Facebook, or through email marketing. Our client journey tracker uses the A.C.E (aware, completed, engaged) system to understand and improve your client journey.
Your website is key to growing your business and is the foundation of our ‘DAM RIGHT’ marketing system. We see many businesses that simply do not generate new business effectively.
A huge small business marketing hurdle has been removed with the advent of custom trained AI GPT's. The time consuming and essential task of creating content is now a lot easier.
Google Search Ads are still the most effective method of generating leads for most small business. You'll have access to leads at every stage of the client journey - including those that are ready to 'buy' immediately.
Cold lead prospecting is a lot easier after profiling a prospect through a tool like LinkedIn's Sales Navigator
It doesn’t matter how convincing your sales pitch is, most people simply need time to consider a purchase. They have every intention of buying but require at least 4 'touch points' before pulling out their credit card.
Many leads will want to use your services but were not able to sign up on your first meeting. Perhaps the timing is wrong and they had a temporary cah flow problem. Perhaps they were distracted by a doorbell or crying baby. Whatever the case, you need to follow up.
Business operations
Work more efficiently with an amazing set of tools that will get the best out of your field staff and business. Take control and do more with less.

Let's get your business transformation started

with a $600 +GST audit

(deductible from the purchase price of a website or marketing package)