Blanket bomb list build method

Blanket bomb list build method

This methos is a modern day version of the mass letterbox mail out

This method works well with Facebook & can be used by companies that want to targeting local clients. Restaurants, bars, pubs or mechanics can use Facebooks powerful location and demographic filters to target clients.
Low cost list build

Adverts are designed without links so users stay on the platform. As a result, the method is loved by Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn who reward you with low charges and great results. The high visibility adverts are used to ensure a significant percentage of viewers visit your website even without the links.

Great targeting Options

Facebook & Instagram targeting options include Job Title, Location, Age, Gender, Business Owner, Facebook business page administrator and more.

Bold headlines & copy

With the absence of advert links, your advert copy is more important than ever. The blanket bomb method users Stella to come up with hard-hitting copy. We’re not just talking about good copy for the advert, but also about the associated ‘landing page’, follow-up email sequences and matching blog posts.

Memorable domain name

Show a memorable domain name on your advert will increase the number of people who will type the domain name directly into the browser once they see your advert on the social media platform.

A detailed digital marketing plan that utilises existing assets, and identifies the low hanging fruit so that you get your return on investment quickly
RIGHT message
Your website is key to growing your business and is the foundation of our ‘DAM RIGHT’ marketing system. We see many businesses that simply do not generate new business effectively.
A huge small business marketing hurdle has been removed with the advent of custom trained AI GPT's. The time consuming and essential task of creating content is now a lot easier.
RIGHT person
Google Search Ads are still the most effective method of generating leads for most small business. You'll have access to leads at every stage of the client journey - including those that are ready to 'buy' immediately.
The Google Algorithm has been shrouded in mystery. Not any longer. We now know that Google will list you high on search results if your website visitors are engaging with your content.
RIGHT time
It doesn’t matter how convincing your sales pitch is, most people simply need time to consider a purchase. They have every intention of buying but require at least 4 'touch points' before pulling out their credit card.
Use technology to convert visitors into leads and leads into clients every minute of the day. Use a human to track and optimiise the system regularly to ensure quality and best-practice standards are maintained.

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