Search ads ‘exacto’ method


Search ads ‘exacto’ method

Google Search Ads are still the most effective method of generating leads for most small businesses

The intent of people using Search Engines is explicitly known. Knowledge of the words used in their search provide you with the opportunity to access leads at every stage of your companies client journey – including those that are ready to ‘buy’ immediately.
Optimised landing pages

Optimised landing pages are an essential and often overlooked part of a Google Search PPC setup. The 'exacto' method puts landing pages at the forefront with content that matches the advert and increases your Google Quality Score.

Training Google's AI

Search adverts for lead generation can be tricky. When training Google's AI you are going to need to provide lots of real-time feedback to Google. Which Google-sourced website visitors are good and which are not? A landing page designed explicitly for this purpose id the bedrock of the 'exacto' method.

Stella job at advert copy

Stella, your new AI copywriter is amazing at producing advert copy. "Hey Stella, for each of the benefits listed in the brief, write 10 Google Advert Search Headlines using humour for 6 of the 10 headlines." Copy, paste .... job done.

Keywords & the search console

The 'exacto' method uses the Google Search Console to construct the initial list of target keywords. This Search Console identifies relevant keywords and their popularity. These words have been associated with your website, thereby ensuring a level of success while competing in your market.

Case Study: 6X Return on Investment every month


There are 2 costs associated with running a PPC campaign:

  1. The money you pay Google or Facebook to run your adverts,
  2. The money you pay your marketing agency to manage your PPC campaigns.

Your total cost is the sum of these costs.

In answering this question you must first answer the following 2 questions:

  1. Are your potential clients using Facebook?
  2. Does your budget allow you to implement both an ADWORDS & Facebook advertising system?

If your answer to question (1) above is YES, and (2) is NO, then you have a decision to make.

Hit the ‘Read more’ button below in order to see the decision tree we follow in deciding between Facebook and Google Ads.

The simple answer is to aim for 3X ROI to start with.

However, it’s not unusual to achieve a much higher Return On Investment.

For example, in the month of May 2018, we achieved a 13X ROI for one client.

The next month in June we achieved a Return On Investment of more than 14X ROI for a different client.

Yes, we can manage just your Google Ads campaigns.

We can also consult on other parts of your marketing system and advise on where improvements can be made.

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Here are some other services

Our audit will identify all your marketing assets of value as well as identify those that are delivering a return or can be re-deployed to deliver a return.
A detailed digital marketing plan that utilises existing assets, and identifies the low hanging fruit so that you get your return on investment quickly
The client journey can take place on your website, on 3rd party platforms like Facebook, or through email marketing. Our client journey tracker uses the A.C.E (aware, completed, engaged) system to understand and improve your client journey.
RIGHT message
A pre-built website that has the flexibility gor you to add marketing functionality as you need it.
Your website is key to growing your business and is the foundation of our ‘DAM RIGHT’ marketing system. We see many businesses that simply do not generate new business effectively.
A huge small business marketing hurdle has been removed with the advent of custom trained AI GPT's. The time consuming and essential task of creating content is now a lot easier.
RIGHT person
Your advertising will acheive quicker ROIs if you work on your offer. Your goal should be to make an offer that can't be refused.
The blanket bomb method is the modern-day equivalent of a mass letterbox mailout. This version is exponentially cheaper and is precision-targeted.
It doesn’t matter how convincing your sales pitch is, most people simply need time to consider a purchase. They have every intention of buying but require at least 4 'touch points' before pulling out their credit card.

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