Travel Agent


This travel agent had developed a number of marketing assets before we were introduced.

However, some of these assets were not implemented to ‘best practice’ standards.

Their existing assets and initiatives included:

  1. A very basic website that was light on images, video and tour-related details.
  2. An eBook that had excellent content but poor presentation.
  3. A set of Google Ad campaigns that delivered good results. However, the travel agent suspected the campaigns and results could be improved.

The travel agent approached the Marketing Clinic and asked for their help.

Strategic Approach

After completing a comprehensive competitor analysis, we concluded that the building blocks of the marketing system for our travel agent should include the following building blocks:

  1. A beautifully designed website featuring both images and videos. If ever the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” was true, it would be true for a travel agent’s website and marketing system.
  2. A website that was able to clearly present the stages of a tour as well as communicate the level of luxury on offer via images and video.
  3. A Content Management System (CMS) capable of handling images and video.
  4. An email marketing system that is integrated with the website and email templates that enable quick construction of ‘information-based’ emails as well as ‘limited-time offer’ based emails. The ‘limited-time offer’ emails was considered essential to closing a deal and were missing from the existing marketing system.
  5. A well-designed eBook with branding consistent with the website and emails.
  6. A set of Google Ads campaigns that eclipsed best practices. As the travel agent had a significant number of website visitors, it was decided to launch with both Google Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting campaigns.


Marketing Clinic implemented the following in developing the marketing system:

  1. An audit of the existing Google Ads campaigns uncovered several flaws including:
    • No conversion actions were implemented and therefore an inappropriate “Bid Strategy Type” was being used.
    • No attempt was being made to measure or track phone calls (which was the primary conversion action).
    • No landing pages existed. Instead, website visitors were sent to the home page which was a general page and not optimised to the advert that was clicked on.
  2. A complete Google Ads rebuild which addressed the issues discovered in the audit. Google Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting were also implemented.
  3. A complete re-design and rebuild of the website. This included ‘landing page templates’ which enabled the easy creation of customised landing pages synchronised with the different adverts running in Google Ads.
  4. A redesign and republishing of the eBook. The eBook was presented in a prominent position across the landing pages.
  5. The introduction of a powerful marketing platform that supported important email marketing strategies including ‘limited time offer’ email sequences.


The results of the new marketing system were impressive and long-lasting.

Within two months of launching the ROI was consistently at 8X on average every month.

This enabled the travel agent to scale up and grow their business knowing that whatever money they spent, it would be returned to them 8X over.