Medical Practice Management Services & Software


Hoxton MPM offers various services and products designed to help doctors with their medical practice management. These services include:

  • Virtual Administration & Reception,
  • Call Overflow,
  • Medical & Surgical Billing,
  • Practice Management Consulting,
  • A medical transcription service called VOICEBOX,
  • Medical Practice Start-Up Support.

Hoxton MPM wanted to expand the network of medical practices using their services.

Hoxton was also considering selling the business. They understood that a functional marketing system, as well as increased revenue, would increase the value of the business.

Strategic Approach

The relevant questions we asked when developing the marketing strategy included:

  1. Where can we engage with Doctors or Practice Managers online?
  2. Would Doctors or Practice Managers be searching for these services using the Google Search Engine?
  3. How can we tell if we are reaching our target audience? We planned to run adverts and get visitors to the website, but we also need appropriate tracking to be sure the visitors are Doctors and Practice Managers.
  4.  When the phone starts ringing, how can we tell if that lead ends up being a client? If they do turn into a client, how much money are we generating from them and is the marketing spend worthwhile?


Running adverts on the Google Search Engine often forms part of our client solutions. This client solution was no exception.

While a percentage of Google Search users will be ready to pick up the phone, there will also be a passive group that won’t call but is still interested in the services. This passive group are more likely to download an informative eBook that describes the problem they face as well as how and why our client’s solution is superior. This group is in the ‘information gathering’ stage and not quite at the ‘phone call’ stage.

We therefore published an eBook that was one of two Call To Action (CTA) used on landing pages we developed for the client. The second CTA was a trackable phone number.

Happily, within the first month, we’d received many phone calls and eBook downloads from both Doctors and Practice Managers. We were on the right track and we were ready to scale up.

The perfect marketing system will provide Return On Investment reporting. However, this is not always easy to achieve as client purchases and transaction information are often not readily available and are stored on 3rd party platforms. For this client, transaction information was stored on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

The client used Microsoft D365 to run their entire sales operation including quoting, invoicing, scheduling and client management.

We integrated the new Google Ads lead generation system with their Microsoft D365 system. The real-time sync between the two platforms allowed us to access Revenue details and track clients from lead generation all the way through to order and re-order. This in turn allowed us to produce powerful and crucial Return On Investment reporting which supported continuous marketing budget and Revenue increases.



The results were spectacular headlined by:

  • 10X ROI most months.
  • A sale of the company in 2023.