Recruitment Agency


This cutting-edge recruitment agency already had a digital marketing system that was delivering results.

They used LinkedIn very well and had thousands of contacts within their LinkedIn network. They posted on LinkedIn regularly and analysis showed that their posts received a high level of engagement.

Their clients changed jobs every 4 years on average. Therefore, regular engagement ensured that they would be front-of-mind when a client was considering a change of job.

In addition to an extensive LinkedIn network, the recruiter held a very popular event for their clients. The event provided insights into career development and was held quarterly at a CBD restaurant.

However, despite these successful marketing initiatives the recruiter was savvy enough to know that they could improve their marketing even further.

They therefore approached the Marketing Clinic and asked for our help.

Strategic Approach

Marketing Clinic’s first steps were to recognise the value of the two marketing assets the recruiter had already developed.

With these two assets alone, we knew we could improve their revenue significantly. They already possessed a client list of over 8,000 people and therefore expanding this network through PPC and SEO was less important. We recognised that significant growth could occur by engaging more effectively with the existing network.

Our strategy placed high importance on the following:

(1) Move LinkedIn Client Details To a CRM

While LinkedIn is a very valuable tool, the recruiter was too dependent on LinkedIn for their success. It was important to wrestle back control of their network by moving their client details from LinkedIn to a CRM. This approach avoided the following problems:

    1. Increased Costs – LinkedIn has significantly increased advertising costs over the last 6 years. A click from an advert to a website can easily cost as much as $13 per click.
    2. Poor Communication – LinkedIn does not show your posts to all your LinkedIn connections. Instead,  it shows your post to around 15% of your connections. Then, depending on the engagement levels of those 15%, the LinkedIn algorithm will make decisions on how many more of your clients will see your post.

We instructed the client to keep using LinkedIn as they were doing. However, in addition, we would set up a CRM and email nurturing sequences to connect with ALL their clients.

The emails would encourage clients to click through to the website which would enable us to tag clients with our Google And FaceBook re-targetting tags.

This would enable us to show adverts on Facebook, YouTube and across a range of websites. These adverts are not as expensive as the LinkedIn adverts and would present the recruiter as a big player in the industry.

(2) Better Utilise The Popular “Million Dollar Biller Breakfast” Event

The recruiter had developed a very popular in-person recurring event called “Million Dollar Biller Breakfast”.

We advised the client to move this event to a webinar online event. The advantages of this included:

    • More people could attend from across Australia.
    • We could sell tickets via the website thereby refreshing the remarketing lists.
    • Attendees would be required to submit their email addresses and phone numbers. This would help us populate the CRM and organically move client details from LinkedIn to the CRM.
    • We can slice and dice the webinar content and use it to fuel our Content Marketing efforts.


We upgraded the client’s email marketing platform MailChimp to the fully featured marketing platform SalesStream.

We gathered client information from MailChimp, spreadsheets and other sources and uploaded them into SalesStream.

We then sliced and diced the Million Dollar Breakfast recordings into informative bite-sized chunks and produced:

  1. eBooks that can be accessed after submitting contact details.
  2. Videos that can be accessed after submitting contact details.
  3. A set of automated email sequences that are periodically sent to the client network.

The three initiatives above have helped move client details from LinkedIn to SalesStream and better engage the client network.

In addition, we were able to gather both emails and phone numbers of clients which enables SalesStream’s omnichannel approach to marketing.  

Other SalesStream functionality was switched on including the Advanced Google Review Request system, website chat and CRM functionality which sees all communication recorded on the CRM inclusive of emails, texts and phone call recordings. 

The marketing efforts have recently been expanded to include Google Ads and Google Organic (SEO) marketing. 


Results have been spectacular with:

  • Over 8x ROI on overall marketing spend
  • 4x ROI on PPC and SEO marketing spend
  • 50% increase in 5-star Reviews on average each month from SalesStream Advanced Google Reviews.