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RIGHT direction

The ‘RIGHT direction’ step consists of the following 3 parts:  

  1. THE AUDIT – We’ll audit your existing website, marketing system, and marketing plan. We’ll assess what’s working and what isn’t working. We’ll then benchmark your existing marketing system against best practice.
  1. THE PLAN – Next, we’ll develop your digital marketing plan. We’ll consider the need for website development, Google & Facebook advertising, content development, and organic search listings.  We’ll work with you to set a budget and revenue goals.
  2. MEASURING SUCCESS – You can’t control what you can’t measure. We’ll therefore set up your Google Analytics,  a phone tracking system, and a comprehensive reporting system so you can track leads, new clients, and return on investment.

RIGHT message

The primary goal of the ‘RIGHT message‘ step is to create a clear message that encapsulates your clients’ problem, your solution, and the benefits the client will experience when working with you.

It’s important that you frame your messaging in terms of solving problems rather than supplying services or products)

This message is then repeated throughout your marketing material including your:

  1. WEBSITE – Your website needs to be both kind to the eye and punchy with its communication. If needed, we’ll redesign your website to achieve both of these goals.
  2. YOUR OFFER  – Most website visitors are not quite ready to commit on the first visit to your website. A value-giving piece of free content (usually an eBook or a video) will enable you to collect an email and continue the conversation after they leave your website.
  3. AUTOMATED EMAIL SEQUENCES – Once you have collected an email, it’s a great idea to start helping leads with their problem via the use of automated email sequences. These emails will also help you position yourself as an expert in the field. Emails can also be used to make your limited-time sales offers and guarantees.
  4. BLOG POSTS – A great content creation strategy is key to the success of most digital marketing systems. However, you can’t just throw mud at the wall and hope for some to stick. We’ll help you setup up a content creation system that is well-targeted and generates traffic.

RIGHT person

Now it’s time to make some money! In this step, we will send traffic to the website and watch as your lead and client list grows.

Here’s what’s involved:

  1. Target your ideal clients using Google, Facebook & LinkedIn & send them to your website.
  2. Optimise your blog posts using SEO to bring quality free traffic to your website.
  3. Use your free Lead Magnet to genuinely help people through their problem. In doing so, you’ll build trust & authority as well as collect their details so you can help them further via email and other communication channels.
  4. For those that are ready to purchase your product or service, present them with the ‘Sales Offer‘.

RIGHT time

Only a small percentage of people that visit your website are ready to purchase or make contact with you on that first visit. It’s therefore important to continue the conversation after the potential client leaves your website

Therefore, your website and marketing system should cater to both the first-visit buyers as well as those that are not yet ready to buy or call you. 

A marketing system should continue communication with website visitors that were not ready to purchase on their first visit to your website.  

We develop and implement automated selling systems called ‘Sales Funnels’ that keep you connected to potential clients that have visited your website & sell to them when they are ready to buy.