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RIGHT direction

The ‘RIGHT direction‘ step consists of the following 3 parts:  

Where Are We Now?

This ‘Audit’ phase includes a:

  • Website audit
  • Marketing system audit
  • Marketing plan audit

Where Are We Going?

Develop a Marketing Plan inclusive of :

  • Google Ads plan
  • Content development plan
  • Budget & Revenue goals

Are We There Yet?

Measure & control with :

  • Google Analytics 4 setup
  • Phone tracking setup
  • Advanced reporting setup

RIGHT message

The primary goal of the ‘RIGHT message‘ step is to create a clear message that encapsulates your clients’ problem, your solution, and the benefits the client will experience when working with you.

Your messaging will be framed in terms of solving problems rather than supplying services or products.

We’ll make sure your marketing message is repeated throughout the following marketing assets:


Your website must:

  • Pass the ’30 sec Test’
  • Pass the ‘Sell Test’
  • Be visually appealing

Lead Magnet & Offer

Your lead magnet will be:

  • Free or low cost
  • Very useful to your audience
  • Position you as an authority

Other Marketing Material

Your message will repeat in:

  • Blog posts
  • Auto email sequences
  • Social media posts 

RIGHT person

Now it’s time to make some money! 

In this step, we’ll target your perfect client and send them to the website. Then, we’ll make an offer to them via your lead magnet (and auto email sequences). We’ll add them to our ‘lead-list’ and we’ll continue to communicate wth them via email and remarketing.

Here’s what’s involved in the  ‘RIGHT person’ step:

Target Paid Audience

We’ll use Google Ads* to:

  • Target your ideal client
  • Send them to your website
  • Show solution to their problem

Target Organic Audience

We’ll publish quality content that will:

  • Position you as an authority
  • Improve organic search listings
  • Reduce cost of paid advertising

Use Artificial Intelligence

We’ll use Google’s AI** system to:

  • Identify hard-to-find clients
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Give you a competitive advantage  

*   Goggle Ads is the most profitable advertising platform for most of our clients. However, if appropriate we’ll use Facebook (meta), LinkedIn, Tik Tok or any other platform that we identify as profitable. 

** Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) system is one of the most powerful. We can also use the Facebook (meta) AI system if appropriate. 

RIGHT time

Only a small percentage of people that visit your website are ready to purchase or make contact with you on that first visit. It’s therefore important to continue the conversation after the prospect leaves your website

Here’s what’s involved in the  ‘RIGHT time’ step:

Connect CRM

Integrate your CRM**:

  • Auto-add leads to the CRM
  • Store & track lead activity
  • Auto-highlight leads likely to purchase & clients to re-purchase

Email Marketing

Use automated Email sequences:

  • Send auto lead email sequences
  • Customize lead emails based on interests
  • Encourage clients to re-purchase


Use Re-marketing to:

  • Stay front-of mind
  • Make sale & lead magnet offers
  • Encourage clients to re-purchase  

**   We’ve worked with most CRM’s including Dynamics 365, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip & Mailchimp.