Google+ & Google My Business

Google+ is a social media platform with over 60,000 monthly active Australian users.

Google+ also acts as a social layer that ties together all of Google’s products, including YouTube, GMail, Google, Google AdWords, Google My Business etc.

Google+ includes a segmentation tool called “Circles” which allows you to group stakeholders into different circles. This allows users to communicate content to different groups.

Another key reason to use Google + is that linking AdWords to Google+ increases click through rates and conversion rates.

Google+ Local

Google+ Local is a feature of Google+ which helps users discover and share local places. It provides information regarding local businesses such as location on a map, reviews, photos and posts.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a new way to put your business information on Google Search, Maps and Google+.

Your customers will be able to access your business information across all devices, whether that is driving directions to your business on Maps or phone numbers on Search.

Google My Business also helps to increase your lead and potential customer base. Customers are encouraged to review your business and endorse your content, which leads to your Google+ posts being re-shared.