Marketing Automation – It's Time to Make Money

    • Create Amazing website (done)
    • Build List Of Leads (done)

Now what…..? ……. Well, now it’s time to see exactly who on that list is in the BUY ZONE.

95% of people who visit your website are not in the BUY ZONE. They are window shopping or trying to educate themselves.

So imagine receiving an email notification whenever someone in the BUY ZONE visits your website. This is what it could look like:


Bruce has just visited your pricing page. Bruce works at BING Ltd, and holds the position of Purchasing Manager.

Bruce is tagged as VIP.

Bruce watched How To Install A Widget at 10am on October 1st.

Bruce has visited your website 3 times in the last month. Click here to see the details of those visits”

This is an automated email that automatically constructs the email using the tracking information it has automatically gathered …..WOW….

This works terrifically well for Ecommerce websites as well. Imagine if Bruce showed all the signs of being interested (watching videos, visiting numerous pages, scrolling through product lists…) and then didn’t end up buying. Might be time for a follow up with Bruce don’t you think?…

And that’s not all that this system offers.

If you do want to follow up with Bruce, you’ll be able to use some amazing marketing automation tools to handle the conversation without you having to lift a finger.

Use this system to:

  • Identify people in the Buy Zone
  • Unobtrusively recognise when someone has progressed along your ‘sales funnel’, without requiring them to fill out a Call To Action form.
  • Recognise and tag ‘underformers’. If you are an Ecomerce site these are people that should be buying from you but for some reason are not.
  • Automatically add these people to a suitable business automation sequence (email sequence, Facebook campaign etc…)