RIP Website Development Guy – Take Control with this NEW Tool

Every now and again a piece of technology comes around that changes everything.

A new Drag & Drop technology that Marketing Clinic has recently adopted is one of those. This technology allows you to make your own changes to your website and could flag the end of expensive website development costs.

The Problem

The age old problem for small business is that you need to go through a website development guy every time you want to make a change to your website. Often, even the smallest changes have to pass through this bottleneck.

It’s frustrating, and since a website is the hub of your marketing system, the problem is amplified as you add marketing systems.

Finally, A Solution That Works!

Over the last 2 years, we’ve been closely watching the emergence of a new technology that solves the problem.

This intuitive and easy to use ‘Drag & ‘Drop’ technology in outlined in our Resource Guide “6 Game Changing Tools That Transformed Our Business”.

Marketing Implementation Clinic is pleased to report that this technology has matured to a point that it is now the clear choice as a development tool for small business.

What Are The Benefits To The Small Business Owner?

We’ll now list the 5 main benefits of this Drag & Drop Tool:

  1. Greatly Reduced Development Costs -Your costs will reduce significantly if you use a professional marketing company to make structural changes to your website or marketing system.
  2. The Impossible Is Now Possible – A budget blowing marketing development strategy that used to be too expensive to implement is now easily done.
  3. No Need For 3rd Party Landing Page Software– You don’t need to use platforms like Lead Pages or ClickFunnels to develop your landing pages. You have a similar technology built into your website.
  4. You Can Do Your Own Amendments -Amendments to your website are simple if you have an aptitude for technology. There’s no need to involve your website development guy.
  5. You Can Do Your Own Development – Website Design changes are relatively simple to implement if your in-house team have an aptitude for technology. Note that Marketing Clinic offers video tutorials to help you slowly build the required skills.