The Facebook blanket bomb method

The Facebook blanket bomb strategy is the modern day equivalent of a mass letterbox mailout. However this particular version is exponentially cheaper and is precision targeted.

Key Points

  • Cost of $35 per day.
  • The total cost of a blanket bomb attack $490 and runs for 5 weeks.
  • Show your adverts to approximately 5,000 well-targeted people in 7 days. Each person see your adverts multiple times over the 7 days.
  • Facebook loves this strategy & rewards you by charging you less.
  • This is an awareness campaign designed to make contact with potential clients who haven’t heard of you.


The Facebook blanket bomb strategy is the modern-day equivalent of a mass letterbox mailout. It has been used successfully by marketers for decades in one form or another. However, this particular version is exponentially cheaper and is precision-targeted.

This back-to-the-future strategy has fallen from favor as a result of the popularity of Facebook’s AI-based targeting strategies.

This lack of popularity is a huge opportunity for canny marketers. Economics 101 dictates that a lack of popularity results in a drop in costs. Indeed, this strategy costs less than a lot of other Facebook advertising strategies.

The Facebook blanket bomb strategy is the perfect way for businesses to expand their network of leads, kick-start digital marketing systems, or grow existing lead lists.

The strategy works best with great copy and if you have a ‘special offer’ or lead magnet that you mention in both your Advert and on your landing page.

Facebook doesn’t want you to leave their platform

The Facebook blanket bomb strategy is designed to be a completely visual advert that conveys its message without needing a Call To Action. Facebook users will see the advert, absorb the message, and continue scrolling through their Facebook feed without leaving the platform via a Call To Action button.

These adverts allow you to reach a huge amount of potential clients at a fraction of the cost of a CTA advert.

Typically, you can reach approximately 1000 perfectly targeted people for around $6.50.

Facebook’s Targeting Options

Facebook’s targeting options are expansive.

Just some audience filtering available includes:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Business Owner
  • Facebook business page administrators

Significant numbers of people will visit your website – even without a CTA

Purchase a memorable domain name and a significant number of people will visit your website even though you do not have a CTA on your advert.

Show the domain on your advert and a significant number of people will type the domain name directly into the browser once they see your advert.

For example, if you are a property buyers advocate and your adverts talk about the secrets of buying property in Melbourne Australia you could purchase the domain name which is available at the time of writing this blog post. Crazy Domains is currently selling the domain name for $9 per year.

Copy is important – be bold, have an opinion and don’t be afraid to put people offside

We’re not just talking about good copy for the advert, but also good copy for the ‘landing page’ and the follow-up email sequences and their matching blog posts.

Consider an AI writing tool like the one available in SalesStream.

If you have a great lead-magnet or special offer, then use that in your advert and on your landing page.

Connect up your CRM

Awareness campaigns are directed at potential clients who don’t yet know your company. They are therefore less likely to buy from you immediately.

As this is an awareness campaign, you’ll need a CRM like SalesStream so that you can turn leads into clients over time. A set of good email sequences will do this for you.

Implementation Guide:

  1. Write your advert copy, landing page copy, email sequence copy, and blog post copy that your emails will connect to.
  2. Purchase a memorable domain name.
  3. Publish the blog posts you wrote in Step 1 onto your website.
  4. Launch your landing page and load up your email sequences into your CRM.
  5. Implement your Facebook campaign with the adverts you wrote in Step 1.
  6. Set up GA4 and Google Looker Studio to measure your success.