Website Development Strategy

Your website development strategy should recognise that your website is the hub of your complete online marketing strategy.

Further, you should be aware that your website is capable of generating significant revenue that would otherwise be left ‘on the table’. Ask yourself the following two important questions:

Is your website generating revenue?

Are you sure that you’re generating as much revenue from your website as possible?

Although a great deal can be achieved on independent platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and Google, the most powerful business strategies are best implemented using your website.

At the heart of any good website strategy are these two objectives:

  • Increase Traffic to your website
  • Increase website ‘Visitor Conversion’

How To Increase Website Traffic:

Primarily this can be achieved through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

However, you should not underestimate the value of Google+ Local and Google My Business. This powerful, free service from Google is one of the first services to connect to when trying to increase your website traffic.

The next best way to increase website traffic is through Paid Advertising. Paid Advertising is moving target and as such opportunities present themselves regularly.

For example, some of the lesser known Advertising platofrms that represent amazing value for money at the moment are:

Google Shop if you have an eCommerce website
YouTube video advertising
How To Increase Website Conversion:

Using the latest technologies and a well designed website, your website visitors should be prompted to provide their contact details at the appropriate time.

Often this is done by offering them a ‘Giveaway’ ebook or other digital product.

However, a giveaway is not alway necessary. Often a well directed question asking if they would like a quote or some more information will be enough.

We also find a video very useful in achieving this goal.

These contact details will automatically be inserted into a email marketing database like MailChimp.

You can then use these contact details to effect an immediate sale. If this is not possible you will be able to set up a subtle email marketing campaign to develop relationships with this group so that when they are ready ‘to buy’, they will use you.

All our websites are developed on the WordPress platform.