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Companies are constantly searching for strategies to increase engagement with website visitors and potential consumers.

The result is that small business is slowly moving away from "email blasting" their entire contact list. Instead, they are segmenting their contact lists and setting up personalised and automated communication channels.

Importantly, new technology means that you can also message people who have visited your website and not left their email address or submitted a website form. It's exciting money making technology.

However, be warned - don't necessarily try and 'sell' to your website visitor the moment they first land on your website. You wouldn't like that to happen to you in real life and your website visitors won't like it either.

Imagine if you walked into a shop or the foyer of an office, and a shop assistant or secretary jumped out and immediately asked you to pull out your wallet and make a purchase. It's not appropriate in real life and it's not appropriate online either.

Our systems are designed to educate and help your website visitors, not to sell to them. The sale will become a natural by-product of the help you are able to provide to them.

Our marketing packages include marketing funnels that continually engage with website visitors, even after they have left your website. These marketing funnels are often made up of lead magnets, landing pages, automated advertising sequences, as well as automated email sequences. And, of course, the glue that holds all of this together is great blog posts, instructional videos, and any other content that will help your website visitors.

We design automated marketing systems to engage and nurture leads at all phases of the following website visitor 'awareness' cycle:


Our solutions are able to track and nurture potential customers as they become more aware of your products, and how these products can solve their problems.

For some companies, this nurturing process may happen during the website visitors first initial visit. For other companies, the nurturing process can take weeks or months. It's easy to track and 'message' anyone that has previously visited your website. This can be done even if they haven't filled out a website form.

Note that a marketing funnel targeting new customers who are 'problem aware' and not 'solution aware' will look completely different to a marketing funnel targeting past customers with the goal of trying to get them to purchase again. There are many different marketing funnels, each designed to engage with

There are many different marketing funnels, each designed to engage with website visitors at different stages of the visitor awareness cycle.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and design a system that will generate customers and revenue.


A PPC Funnel generates SALES, PROFITS & CUSTOMERS - not just clicks, visits or leads.

At one end of the funnel, you have a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising system. It could be Google ADWORDS, Facebook, Instagram, Bing or Linkedin. The PPC system feeds leads into the bottom half of the funnel.

The bottom half of a PPC funnel is an automated, digital Sales Assistant - always 'on' and always ready to help and nurture website visitors as they learn about your products and services. This nurturing phase continues over days, weeks & months until the visitors have all the information they need in order to make a purchasing decision.



In order to successfully implement a PPC Funnel, you'll need a marketing agency that can implement a range of functionality. Here are just some of the components that you may need to implement in your first PPC Funnel:

Digital Marketing Profits


WHAT'S INVOLVED: Track Phone Leads as well as Web Form Leads. Too many agencies only track Web Form Leads leaving you with an incomplete picture.

BENEFITS TO YOU: You'll know which campaigns are generating phone calls & therefore REVENUE. You'll have a complete picture of your ROI.


WHAT'S INVOLVED: Use automation to push Lead details into your CRM, including the ADWORDS and Facebook advertising campaigns that generated the lead. Track Leads as they become Customers.

BENEFITS TO YOU: Improve ROI by spending more money on Customer generating campaigns rather than Lead generating campaigns.


WHAT'S INVOLVED: Many agencies limit their activity to advert creation and management. They completely ignore half of their job - the Landing Page that the prospect is sent to after clicking your advert.

BENEFITS TO YOU: Massively increase your ROI by designing & A/B testing Landing Pages together with a compelling offer.


WHAT'S INVOLVED: Targeting, Bidding, Advert Copy, SERP Adverts, GDN Adverts, Remarketing, Retargeting, Lookalike Audiences...... we could go on.......

BENEFITS TO YOU: A never-ending stream of well-targeted website visitors flowing from social media to your website. When you max out one source just move across to the next.


WHAT'S INVOLVED: Sometimes called a Lead Magnet, your Compelling Offer is an essential part of your PPC Funnel. Often you'll need more than one Offer so that you can engage with different audiences, who are at different stages of your buying cycle.

BENEFITS TO YOU: Your Compelling Offer is a huge part of the nurturing process which is critical to your success.


WHAT'S INVOLVED: When organised our database of leads & customers into logical groups, you'll be able to send automated emails that are both personalised & helpful.  

BENEFITS TO YOU: Automated emails are often an important part of the nurturing process in which you can engage in a meaningful way with your network. The result is more sales and profit.

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