How to Write A Great Blog Post – A 5 Step Template

This blog post provides you with a template that will help you write engaging content, and enable you to write the content quickly.

This ‘How To’ guide provides you with a template that will:

  1. Help you write engaging content,
  2. Enable you to write the content quickly.

This content can then be used to

  1. Improve your SEO results,
  2. Help obtain the reader’s contact details, thereby converting the website visitor into a lead,
  3. Over time, convert the lead into a paying customer.

The problem with creating quality content is that it takes a ridiculously long time to do. Many small business owners simply can’t find that time.

In addition, you need to be in a completely different head space to get the job done. The task often gets classified as a  “VERY IMPORTANT, NOT URGENT” job, and this type of task usually gets put on the backburner in the ‘cut and thrust’ environment of small business. The  “VERY IMPORTANT, URGENT” or  “NOT VERY IMPORTANT, URGENT” jobs tend to get done first.

You may think that you can achieve great results from the Google search engine, and improve your SEO without creating content. However, THIS CAN’T BE DONE. The only long-term small business SEO strategy that works is a strategy that involves writing quality content.

Many small business owners are investing significant money into Online Advertising and SEO services with the goal of getting new website visitors. However, the importance of writing engaging website content is often overlooked. You desperately need quality content to increase the chances of turning the resulting website visitors into paying customers and making the most of your initial investment.

It’s a little like a bucket with holes. If you pour water into the bucket the water will soon flow out and you’ll quickly end up with an empty bucket. It’s obviously better to patch up the holes in the bucket so you have access to the water in the bucket for a longer period. In the case of your website, you need to patch the holes in your website through the use of engaging content. You’ll use the content to encourage a lead to re-visit the website and become a customer.

The 5 Steps:

STEP 1: The Promise

Start your blog post with a promise. A promise outlines how the reader will benefit from reading your blog post.

The 5-second rule applies to blog posts. People are very busy and they won’t stick around unless you can deliver this promise quickly. You have 5 seconds so keep it simple.

Note that I’ve made a promise in the opening paragraph of this blog post.

STEP 2: The Problem

The 2nd step is to describe the problem you are trying to solve. This will reinforce to the reader that they are reading the correct article and therefore help them relate to the solution being presented.

It also talks to the reader who is at the very start of the buying life cycle. These people are problem aware and may not yet be solution aware.

Note that I’ve stated the problem in the 2nd section of this blog post with the paragraph starting “The problem with….”

STEP 3: Myth Busting

The 3rd step is to position yourself as an expert by busting a commonly held belief that could be stopping them from achieving success.

In this blog post, the paragraph starting “You may think ….” is the myth busting section.

STEP 4: The Method

The 4th step is to outline your main teaching points of the blog post. For example, if your blog post is a “3 steps to …” you’ll outline the 3 steps in this section.

It’s a great idea to have some highly relevant downloads in this section which will enable you to gather leads. These downloads are often called Lead Magnets.

You’re currently reading The Method section of this blog post.

STEP 5: Next Steps

Finish off the blog post with another download to extend their learning.

It’s also a good place to mention your services and their benefits.

Note: The very next section is the Next Steps section of this blog post.

Of course, it’s often a good idea for many small business owners to outsource the writing of content to a third party.

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