Email Voted Best Form of Marketing

Companies are constantly searching for strategies to increase engagement with consumers. It may come as a surprise to realise that email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Email marketing doesn’t just translate leads to customers. By segmenting your database and conducting email marketing, it also translates more prospects to leads, increases customer purchasing and re-engages past customers.

Other email marketing benefits:

  • Boost your Google Traffic – use email marketing to click through to your website
  • Return Visitors – increase the number of people returning to your website
  • Time on site – with good content they spend more time on site
  • More updates – visitors will comment which updates sites
  • More shares – with good content visitors Like & Share it
  • Page Rank – with more shares (backlinks) your Google Page Rank goes up
  • Organic Traffic – with a better Page Rank to get more organic traffic = better overall ranking

How to conduct an email marketing campaign

  1. Get a proper CRM system – recommendations – Ontraport, Send Pepper, Icontact, mailChimp
  2. Get your contact list imported
  3.  Create a form for all new leads
  4. Create a system for continual adding
  5. Start sending regular emails – at least once every fortnight. Plan email content 3 months ahead. Choose days that you are going to email and place in calendar with reminder notices.