Video Takes Online Marketing by Storm

Video is taking online marketing by storm.  To drive traffic to your website and increase conversions it is imperative to integrate video into your marketing strategy.

Video is a naturally engaging medium. In fact, according to Forester’s researchers, one minute of video is work 1.8 million words.

The rapid growth of video is well documented. By 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco). Nielsen research found that 64 % of marketers expect video to dominate their marketing strategies in the near future.

Why use video marketing?

  • Videos duplicate you and your best sales message
  • Drives traffic
  • Increases conversion
  • Answer client questions
  • Videos are still relatively unique and interesting
  • Build trust and position you as an expert
  • Have greater appeal to visual learners
  • Videos improve SEO
  • Train staff

There are many varied examples of marketing videos, such as:

  • Corporate Videos
  • Video Business Cards
  • Promotional Video
  • Product Video
  • Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ’s)
  • Testimonials
  • Staff Training