Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising. 1.2 billion market.
Ability to target locally e.g. by suburb.
Ability to target demographic.
Ability to target fans of your competitors.
Ability to decide what you want to spend.
Ability to cancel advertising immediately.
Ability to track and measure your results.
Ads appear on right hand side of FB. On mobile – directly into newsfeed. You get double amount of conversions with mobile as you are taking up ¾ of screen. On computer screen, 5% of space.
Insider tips
When you are posting conetent to businss FB page, what you are able to see if how many people your post reached. 8% reach average, around 300 people. Spend of $50 recahed 8000 people. Unpaid around 300 people.
Click on boost button to increase reach of certain, relevant posts. Amateur strategy. Limitations – cant select boost to target mobile devices. Eg pay $10/ $20. Lots of wastage. Limited options can’t target certain demographic etc
Once you become a professional marketer you don’t use boost button. Use Facebook Power Editor. Created for pro marketers and agencies. Ability to manage all of your campaigns through one interface. See all posts, campaigns. Very specific and targeted.

Different type of FB ad formats

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