How To Advertise on The Age for Free

Like most people, we love getting stuff for free. However, we never thought it would be possible to advertise in Australia’s biggest newspapers for free.

We recently set up an advertising campaign for ourselves and we can’t believe the results. The Advertisement is being shown on the biggest websites and it’s costing us virtually nothing.

Check out the results below:

Times Shown


Total Cost


Cost per Advertisement

1.8 cents

Days Running

5 days

All these advertisements are incredibly targeted and only play to viewers who are interested in our services.

In many cases we haven’t paid a cent to have our advertisements shown. For example, the picture above shows the advertisement running in the Brisbane Times. We haven’t had to pay anything for these.

When I say Australia’s biggest websites, I really mean it:

  • The Age               (339 impressions)
  • The Herald Sun
  • The Brisbane Times

The benefits of this kind of advertising is enormous. They include:

  1. Brand Awareness – Keep front of mind with customers so that the next time they purchase, it is with you.
  2. Increase Trust – When customers see your Advertisement, they are likely perceive your company as being bigger. The good news is that trust is closely related to the perceived size of your company.
  3. Soft Touch – How many touches are required on average before the sale? Don’t worry, this isn’t as sleazy as it sounds. You can accelerate a sale using advertising ‘touches’.

This type of system levels the playing field for small business. Using this affordable technology, Small Business can implement some amazingly powerful strategies.

Do you want a piece of this action? Be our guest. Contact us now and we’ll set up the exact same system up for you.