What is Website Lead Conversion?

A good ‘Website Conversion’ mechanism will subtly encourage a website visitor to provide their contact details via your website.

Call To Actions, Landing Pages, A/B Split Testing, Modal Pop-up Windows, Corporate Videos and other technical mumbo-jumbo may have you reaching for the nearest headache tablet. We agree it can get confusing to the uninitiated.

Perhaps one of the most important part of Lead Conversion is identifying a suitable Lead Magnet. A Lead Magnet is a free giveaway that results in the website visitor providing their contact details.

When identifying what you could use as a lead magnet, consider how you can help your audience the most. Also consider what you can create relatively easily, and can afford to give away for free? A Lead Magnet gives you the opportunity to engage with all website visitors, collect their contact details, and build a relationship over time. It gives you the opportunity to develop trust so that they will buy from you when they do reach the “Buy” phase of the cycle.

Examples of Lead Magnets include:

  • Discount Codes
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • coaching sessions or consultations
  • Quotes

Another Lead Conversion strategy involves the use of ‘Landing Pages’. Landing Pages are focused website pages, usually offering a lead magnet in exchange for an email. Landing Pages are usually associated with an Adwords Advertising, or Facebook advertising campaign and as such you usually know a little bit about the visitors coming to the page.

As a result, you can be much more specific with the content on the Landing Page. Landing Pages are usually free of any distractions, in fact most don’t even have menus.

These practises are essential in increasing your customer base and revenues.