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Tech Tool Tip – 'Google Search Console' Is A Winner

Website Development

  It always amazes me to find out that a business owner doesn’t know about the Google Search Console. The Marketing Clinic rates the Google Search Console as the single most important tool when it comes SEO planning and reporting. The Search Console is a tool supplied by Google. You therefore know that the data is 100% accurate. The Search…

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Why Would I Lead Score My Website Visitors?

Marketing Implementation Clinic offers a range of services relating to the gathering and analysis of lead behaviour in order to assess where a lead is positioned within the sales lifecycle. By ‘Lead Scoring’ your leads and customers, you’re able to compile information on their behaviour across different channels, which can in turn trigger automated sequences of emails, advertising campaigns, or…

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What Can I Do To Increase Website Traffic?

website traffic

Marketing Implementation Clinic have a number of services that can help attract new customers to your website. Here are just a few: SEO There are many factors that will determine your SEO success. It can get confusing and it can be very difficult for a business owner to judge the success or failure of a SEO campaign, and an SEO…

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What Does Lead Conversion mean?

A good ‘Lead Conversion’ mechanism will subtly encourage a website visitor to provide their contact details via your website. Once you have their email, you can more easily convert them into paying customers. Lead Conversion is, therefore, an essential part of increasing your revenue and growing your company. Marketing Clinic is an expert in Lead Conversion mechanisms and strategies. Your website will be…

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Service Launch – Marketing Automation & Lead Scoring


Tag & Track Website Visitors Based On Their Actions Identify and track your website visitors when they perform actions, such as visiting a page on your website, clicking a button on your website, or watching a video. Automatically assign a value to each action and store the results against that visitors name in the marketing…

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