RIP Website Development Guy – Take Control with this NEW Tool

Every now and again a piece of technology comes around that changes everything. A new Drag & Drop technology that Marketing Clinic has recently adopted is one of those. This technology allows you to make your own changes to your website and could flag the end of expensive website development costs. The Problem The age old problem […]

What Does Lead Conversion mean?

A good ‘Lead Conversion’ mechanism will subtly encourage a website visitor to provide their contact details via your website. Once you have their email, you can more easily convert them into paying customers. Lead Conversion is, therefore, an essential part of increasing your revenue and growing your company. Marketing Clinic is an expert in Lead Conversion mechanisms and strategies. Your website will be […]

Money, Money, Money (& website development)

Money is a great motivator. A primary goal when developing your website is to clearly and quickly communicate how you will help your customer make money. This is called your “Value Proposition”. Not only that, you need to communicate how you, as opposed to your competitor, can provide them with value and profits. This is called your ” […]

What is Website Lead Conversion?

A good ‘Website Conversion’ mechanism will subtly encourage a website visitor to provide their contact details via your website. Call To Actions, Landing Pages, A/B Split Testing, Modal Pop-up Windows, Corporate Videos and other technical mumbo-jumbo may have you reaching for the nearest headache tablet. We agree it can get confusing to the uninitiated. Perhaps one of […]

Marketing Clinic Website Launch

After weeks of hard work, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new website. We’re going to use the website to keep you updated on the wonderful world of Online Marketing. We’ll use it to show how you can use the latest tools and services to grow your business and make some […]

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a technique of creating and publishing relevant and valuable content. The ultimate goal of content marketing is of course to acquire customers. However, this is achieved by developing relationships with potential customers through helpful content. The more useful the content, the more it will be read and shared. Google will pick up on […]

Email Voted Best Form of Marketing

Companies are constantly searching for strategies to increase engagement with consumers. It may come as a surprise to realise that email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Email marketing doesn’t just translate leads to customers. By segmenting your database and conducting email marketing, it also translates more prospects to leads, increases customer […]

Video Takes Online Marketing by Storm

Video is taking online marketing by storm.  To drive traffic to your website and increase conversions it is imperative to integrate video into your marketing strategy. Video is a naturally engaging medium. In fact, according to Forester’s researchers, one minute of video is work 1.8 million words. The rapid growth of video is well documented. […]

Website Development Strategy

Your website development strategy should recognise that your website is the hub of your complete online marketing strategy. Further, you should be aware that your website is capable of generating significant revenue that would otherwise be left ‘on the table’. Ask yourself the following two important questions: Is your website generating revenue? Are you sure […]

Marketing Clinic New Website Launch – Wednesday Jan 20, 2015

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website. You’ll see that it’s a fully featured website with loads of exciting features. Talk to us if you’d like an upgrade to your website or if you’d like the Marketing Clinic to design and implement a similar website for your company. There is […]